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About Us

SYMX is there where you need us and when you need us.
We maintain a clear and concise chain of responsibility to increase efficiency, control quality, and keep scheduling on track. Our turnkey approach to project development and execution utilizes the multi-disciplinary expertise of contractors, vendors, suppliers, and agencies for the timely, and cost-effective application of assets.
We are a fully integrated resource for all aspects of your project. SYMX has the ability to respond to the unique requirements of each situation and each location throughout the world. Every SYMX team is able to apply the specific skills and expertise necessary for your project; from medical technology, construction and design to the specialized requirements of local regulations and customs.
Our total project approach combines the information and expertise necessary to successfully complete each phase of development as part of an integrated whole. Every project presents challenges: time constraints, cost considerations, space utilization technological flexibility, design and engineering require an integrated analysis of information to produce accurate estimates, minimize disruptions and bring a project to a successful completion that satisfies client goals. At SYMX we are recognized for our ability to meet and exceed client expectations.