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Hospital Operations

The highly proficient and resourceful hospital management team at SYMX, consisting of senior healthcare industry experts, is our core strength and is what has made us the most reputable healthcare operator in the Western hemisphere and abroad. We have the right blend of productive academic excellent people and the greatly desired hands-on experience in all clinical and administrative functions in a healthcare environment. 


We pragmatically assess, analyze, and evaluate the available resources that make up the existing hospital project and the long-term potential of that facility. SYMX takes great pride to assert our engaging, professional, resourceful, and logical approach for accomplishing our partners’ objectives. 


Our team manages a wide range of healthcare turnkey operations services strategically and prudently, which provide the hospital with substantially better outcomes for patients and long-term savings in costs for the facility. 


Functional operations management systems are designed for hospital owners taking into consideration four crucial angles: patients’ outlook, internal organizational issues, existing and binding healthcare requirements, and the financial angle. We enhance the overall working efficiency of the operations, which result in maximizing individuals’ productivity and organizational performance. Our expertise improves the operational functionality of each department that pertain to both the medical and non-medical areas.


We strive to make each hospital a better experience for their patients by achieving the highest possible standards, more affordable and more accessible by leveraging distinctive insights and analytic solutions backed by our deep healthcare expertise, proprietary data and a cutting-edge technology platform.

Key areas of consideration:
  • Ensure that all IT functions are maximized to deliver efficient, punctual, and necessary data to all clinical and administrative users. 

  • Address and maximize marketing and sales operations. 

  • Professional implementation of all works connected with the branding of the hospital to create visibility and a qualitative perception within the target markets.

  • Create an appropriate fiscal plan and a related budget for the organization, with forward looking projections. 

  • Finalize the financial planning and targets and implement adequate cost saving measures. 

  • Develop a proper pricing structure that meets regulatory requirements and commercial standards.
  • Set up the various entailed ancillary services like pharmacy, outpatient, and inpatient services to reap quality, safety, efficiency, and profitability. 

  • Build up strategic partnerships for specific academic ventures that will be advantageous to the hospital.

  • Adopt accredited continuous L&D programs including simulation programs, addressing soft skills, clinical/technical skills, executive & leadership development for succession planning.

  • “Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation” [OPPE]

Human Resource Planning

The core pillars that foster businesses are money, materials, machinery, and people; healthcare services are not an exception. Out of this crucial group of resources, ‘people’ is something special.


An appropriate workforce is mandatory for organizational growth. Organizations must make sure to recruit such talented and devoted employees; and for this, flawless ‘Human Resource Planning (HRP)’ is highly significant. When it comes to hospital management, HRP becomes even more essential, because healthcare services have a direct link with the population’s health. Competence and commitment to quality are the two integral traits that all hospital staff must possess, and the recruitment, as well as the selection, must be based on these criteria. 


SYMX specializes in all spheres of healthcare management services, and our team adequately identifies the necessary manpower for all clinical and non-clinical departments of the facility. We make use of our proven expertise in medical manpower recruitment, selection, training, and performance management, and make the organization a successful venture.

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