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Completed Projects include:

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge, Ghana

The Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge major rehabilitation and upgrade project offers an ultra-modern 420-bed facility and is home to several hospital services including public health, accident and emergency, imaging, obstetrics, gynecology, dental, surgical, intensive care, laboratory, respiratory therapy, and administration.


During the development of the project, SYMX provided:

  • Equipment planning

  • Space planning assistance to architectural/design firm

  • Provision of equipment

  • Logistics coordination and management plan

  • Installation and service warranty program

  • Equipment training program

Heliopolis Military Hospital Project in Cairo, Egypt. 

During the development of that 422 bed acute care military hospital with specialties including heart surgery, OB-GYN/maternity, and oncology SYMX provided:


  • Equipment planning 

  • Space planning assistance to architectural/design firm 

  • Developed and provided complete room data sheets 

  • Equipment procurement planning and execution 

  • Logistics coordination and management plan 

  • Installation and service warranty program 

SaludCoop, EPS of Bogota 

As the largest health insurer in Colombia, with over 4,000,000 insured members and most comprehensive healthcare infrastructure in that country, during the four year project period SYMX provided medical equipment services at 21 acute care hospitals throughout the country with services which included:  


  • Equipment planning 

  • Developed complete room data sheets 

  • Equipment procurement planning and execution 

  • Logistics coordination and management plan 

  • Installation and service warranty program 

Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA) in Canoas Rio Grande Do Sul


The Central Unit of the ULBRA Healthcare system offers 28 medical specialties and four kinds of surgery: general surgery, head and neck surgery, pediatric surgery, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. Examinations, support services, and laboratories complete the ULBRA Health Plan which now assists more than 110,000 people. These medical facilities also play a vital role in undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs of education for physicians and other health care professionals. In this project SYMX performed:


  • Medical equipment and instrumentation planning 

  • Equipment procurement 

  • Management and technical support 


Iraq Primary Health Clinics U.S. Army Corp of Engineers 

The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers contracted with Odell/Parsons Corporation to develop, construct and "turn-key" 151 healthcare clinics for the general population of Iraq. SYMX provided comprehensive equipment planning services, equipment, logistics, clinical training, installations, warranty services and security support for all in-country activities.

Other Asset Management Projects


  • UHS Hospital (Over 125 facilities in the U.S.) Equipment evaluation, planning, procurement, re-deployment, warehousing, logistics and comprehensive biomedical services 

  • Egyptian Air Force Hospital 300 bed hospital for the Egyptian Air Force, funded by US FMS 

  • University of Pennsylvania Health System - Equipment refurbishment 

  • Miami Children's Hospital - Equipment refurbishment 

  • Jackson Memorial Hospital - Equipment refurbishment 

  • Romania - World Bank supported New Hospital equipment 

  • Ecuador - IDB supported new equipment for multiple clinics 

  • Lebanon - Renovation of medical equipment

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