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As a global leader in the design, construction, and equipping of hospitals and health-related facilities, SYMX is synonymous with trust. Our proven and completely transparent process always works in the interest of our clients—and is led by the best minds in the industry. From healthcare to life sciences, rest assured, we have it all covered.

Our healthcare offerings include: 


  • Medical and non-medical equipment planning

  • Supply and installation of medical equipment and furnishings

  • Medical equipment training and maintenance

  • Clinical operations

  • Hospital management operations

  • Design and engineering

  • Feasibility studies

  • Construction supervision

  • Project management

  • Supply chain management

  • Budget and risk management

  • Cost estimation

  • Contract administration

  • Initial operations

  • Turnkey solutions

Our key clients include:
  • Federal agencies

  • State agencies

  • Universities

  • Private developers

  • Design/build contractors

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